Posted on: January 19, 2010 10:09 pm

Is Peyton Manning the greatest QB of all time?

If I were to rate the best QB's of all time, I think I would go with this order: 
1. Joe Montana--(4 rings, and tremendous accuracy and efficiency throwing the ball. I am not a firm believer in Super Bowls being a true measure of a great QB but he could do it all, and was a winner 4 times.2. Dan Marino--(Not once did he have a running game, and most times no Defense, but 1 losing record in his time in Miami. Many will blame him for not having a running game, saying he wanted to throw all the time. But year after year, Miami would claim they were going to run the ball, and every year they couldn't and turned to Dan Marino to win games. He could burn you even when you played 8 DB's and dared him to throw, or when you blitzed, or played zone. Tremendous release and reads. Best pure passer I've ever seen. 3. Peyton Manning--Before it is all said and done, he will move to Number 1 on this list. Similar to Marino, he can beat you when you know he is throwing. His record over a decade is 2nd to none, plus 10 years already of over 4000 yds. He will take all the records if he stays healthy. A Super Bowl win this year with a different receiving corps, plus new coaching would be extremely impressive. Remember, the stats will show 14-2, but we know he was 14-0 this year. There have been a few years with that as well, so the record for the decade would be even better, if that is possible. 4. Tom Brady--The past year or 2 have shown that there are chinks in the armor, but 3 rings says a lot. Also, he didnt always have the recieving corps that he has now, and was able to get it done. The next year or 2 will go a long way to sealing his legacy. 5. Johnny Unitas-- Never saw him play, but stats don't lie. It was a different game then but he could fling it around in the highlights I have seen. 6. Brett Favre--1 ring, and not always the most clutch guy based on playoff performances and his stats late into the season. Owner of all the records for a career, and the longevity and record games started streak are impressive. 7. Terry Bradshaw-- 4 rings tough to argue with, but the stats overall don't stack up to the top guys. He was on some teams that were stacked both offensively and defensively, so he benefited from that. 8. Troy Aikman-- Great surrounding cast, but still got it done and won championships. 9. John Elway-- Most rate him higher. I watched this guy for years and years. Great come from behind QB, but often had to because he put them in a hole earlier in the game. 2 Super Bowls came when there was a dominant running game, and a defense. 
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